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Learn about Human Rights

Learn about Human Rights

Understand the Universal Declaration on Human Rights: The educational materials below on Human Rights are developed by a German non-profit / and edeos- digital education. It is free to use and share.

Essay Competition – 2012 (Marking the late-second-half of DESD)

Sano Sansar Initiative is Organising an Essay Competition Marking the late-second-half of Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014). Children and Youths from Nepal (Aged: 14-18) are eligible to participate the Competition. For detailed information please refer to the guidelines and Terms/Conditions. Guidelines/major issues for consideration, which may help to write the Essay  • Make influence of Education for Sustainable…read more →

Interaction program on Rio +20 Process and Education for Sustainable Development

Sano Sansar Nepal organized an Interaction Program on Rio +20 Process and Education For Sustainable Development highlighting the roles of students in reorienting the lives. President of Sano Sansar Nepal, Mr. Sagar Aryal facilitated the workshop along with discussions and learnings from TUNZA International Children and Youths Conference 2011, Bandung, Indonesia.  The program was success with participation of more than…read more →