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Vote for Community School Library in WFN Youth Innovation Fund

Sano Sansar Initiative’s Campaign, Educational Resource Centre has been selected among top-ten finalists as “Community School Library” in the Walk for Nepal, Youth Innovation Fund.

We children and youth aim to establish Educational Resource Centre in rural-north part of Dhading, Nepal.

We know we can accomplish, but for that we need your support.

We wish if our friends in Dhading get equal opportunity for education like we do! Your single vote counts in making our wishes come true.

So we request you to Vote for: “Community School Library” at

Let us take actions for a sustainable future. We believe it is possible with education!

PS. You need to login via Facebook, you can only vote once, and it cannot be changed. We wish if you could spread the world by sharing the message!

Please check the following screenshots for your reference in voting our campaign!

Step 1:

Login to Facebook and Click on the Link: ; You’ll see the following page.

Step 2: Click Connect with Facebook on the above mentioned page. and you’ll be redirected to following page:

Step 3: Click Go to App in the above page.

You’ll see a similar page like displayed below:



Step 4: Scroll down the page until you can see collection of Logo with details on it like below:

and Click Vote at the Right Side of “Community School Library” which appears with an only organisation with bright green logo on its left!


Step 5:

Thank you for Supporting us by Voting! You’ll then get a popup like below and options to share that you voted a campaign.



Sagar Aryal

Founder / President


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