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Introducing Kathmandu Debates

Debating is a powerful means of encouraging critical-thinking, personal experiences and tolerance for the opinions of others. We believe that debate as an educational tool is valuable in addressing the issues of National and global interests and how our citizen should deal with it. The process of Debating is dynamic, fluid and changing. Everyday brings new ideas and arguments. Debate calls to task simplistic public dialogues and foments a kind of global critical issues.
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Kathmandu Debates’ 2013 – Coverage by The Kathmandu Post

According to the organisers, the debate competition, held for the first time in 2013, is intended to become an annual event where students are given a platform to explore their skills in debate, elocution and articulation. With a robust team comprised largely of youth, Sano Sansar is geared towards fostering leadership qualities in them and their debate competition is certainly a step in that direction. And even though the concept of ëdebating', especially in the context of a competition, means that not everyone is victorious, all that participated will have certainly earned something valuable through the event.
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