जीज्ञासा :Leadership

जीज्ञासा :Leadership

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Jigyasha: leadership Workshop

This workshop is designed for those enthusiastic youth who are interested to be a member of Sano Sansar Initiative. This workshop will help them to sharpen their leadership, organizational, professional skills and motivate to organize and initiate various events and campaign.

During this training session, we will be helping the participants to understand, recognize, and foster the right leadership qualities in themselves. They will be trained to develop right attitude and professionalism. Moreover, Participants will be trained to manage organizational politics and build relationships to achieve professional goals.


The training will commence from 28 January 2017 to 30 January 2017, each day for 3 hours from 12 AM. To 4 PM.


  1. Organizational identity, and opportunity to work with SSI in the future
  2. Understand the impact of others’ and their own life story on leadership.
  3. Recognize and address their blind spots as a leader
  4. Develop self-awareness, professional and emotional intelligence
  5. Develop a confident personality to be an effective leader.
  6. Adapt leadership style to different scenarios, while remaining true to their values and purpose
  7. Bond with peers and create an effective network to work effectively.



Membership fee for one year NPRs 1500 (includes id card, training expenses, etc)



  • Youths aged 25 or below can apply
  • Should become a member of Sano Sansar Initiative.
  • We expect that the applicant is innovative, interactive and have a passion to creating a change in the world.

The registration deadline is upto 26th of January, 2017.

You can register for the event by filling the form below:

जीज्ञासा :Leadership Training


जीज्ञासा :Leadership is a series of four events on leadership, organized by Sano Sansar Initiative supported by WWF The Generation Green in association with Horizon Media. This event will bring 1000 live youth audience (250 each week) and thousands of other virtual audience via Youtube.  In  this series, each week individuals with great experience and success in the field of environment, health, sports, finance, media and spiritual aspects will be invited to share his/her experience, knowledge and wisdom with the youth audience, each week.

The training was completed successfully with each event being a huge success.

Press Release:

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Theme : Agri-Entrepreneurship
JigyasaLeadership_Agri-Entrepreneurship _Pinpost

With the theme of “Agri-entrepreneurship” (domestic and a glorious move) , Jigyasa Leadership concluded on 17th August in Bhairahawa. The program was organized in partnership with YES-Agriculture (Pakhihawa Campus).  Radha Krishna Dhital (well-known media person), C.P. Sharma (entrepreneur and proprietor of Nepal Ostrich Pvt. Ltd.) and Sanjeev Bhandari (General Secretory of Sano Sansar Initiatve) were the speakers for the event and spoke around the periphery of the designed theme.

Theme : Meditation

With the theme Meditation, the third episode of Jigyasa Leadership concluded on 22nd July. The meditation-attentive episode befell pretty interesting as it welcomed the ‘Happiness Program’ teacher of The Art of Living Foundation, Bhawesh Khanal and the eminent actor, Dayahang Rai on the platform. The very talented Bhawesh Khanal gave an outstanding and a very inspirational speech on the ways to eliminate stress, empower individuals, boost confidence, sharpen focus and concentration, optimize creativity and management skills, and many more. Dayahang Rai spelled out his words about himself and his acting career along with the hindrances he tackled during his entire life.

Theme : Health

On 15th July, Jigyasa Leadership came up with the theme Health which was graced with a presence of renowned personalities like Professor Dr. Bhagwan Koirala, the celebrated Cardiac Surgeon and Dr. Dipendra Raman Singh, Joint Secretory of Ministry of Health. The inclusive health-focused leadership event where Professor Dr. Bhagwan Koirala inaugurated the event with his motivational speech on health aspect along with the progress of health status of the country within last decade and present situation of Nepalese health condition, brought the audiences inquisitiveness on the discussed field. Over the other side, sharing his lifetime experiences, Dr. Dipendra Raman Singh also conveyed his exhilaration and obstacles in the medical life and some imperative information of the plans and policies of government for the enhancement of health quality.

Theme : Environment

The very first episode of the event on theme Environment was held on 8th July. The event greeted the very popular Anil Keshari Shah, present CEO of Mega Bank Ltd. and Ghana Shyam Gurung, Senior Conservation Program Director, WWF Nepal as chief guests along with Barsha Lekhi, Miss Nepal International, 2016 and other respected personalities. It ended with the leadership speech of Anil Kesari Shah and motivational knowledge on environmental conservation and issues by Ghana Shyam Gurung .

Dr. Ghana Shyam Gurung (Senior Conservation Program Director, WWF) : Theme Speaker for Theme: Environment

Mr. Anil Keshari Shah (CEO, mega Bank) : the Opening Speaker on Theme: Environment

Dr. Bhagwan Koirala (Chief Cardiac Surgeon) : Opening Speaker for Theme:Health

Dr. Dipendra Raman Singh (Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health) : Theme Speaker on Theme:Health

Mr. Bhawesh Khanal (Art of Leaving) : Theme Speaker for Theme: Meditation

Mr Dayahang Rai(Actor) : Guest at Theme:Meditation.

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