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Tihar , the festival of lights, joy and happiness is the most celebrated festival in Nepal after Dashain. Deusi , Bhailo  being a big part that incorporates this festival, is practiced nationwide . Sano Sansar Initiative has always taken this practice as an opportunity to help the ones in need. Tihar brings joy and happiness but also brings winter with its end.

Winter – the first thing that comes in our mind is the freezing cold and also the warm clothes and those blankets in which we wrap ourselves most of the time. But everyone is not that fortunate. If we take a walk around Kathmandu City late in the night or early in the cold morning we won’t have to walk long to see children sleeping on cold sidewalks with pretty much nothing to cover themselves up with. It is estimated that there are around 1500 + street children in Kathmandu and the case is similar with most of them.

Sano Sansar Initiative has been organizing Deusi Bhailo Program every year to help these children survive the winter season. We believe that if our small effort can make a big difference in the life of those children then it is our responsibility to do so.

So, this year we invite you to join us with your programs (i.e dancing, singing or other activities) and play Deusi Bhailo with us for a cause.

You can also invite us to your home to play Deusi Bhailo and support the cause. Your small effort can make a big difference.

If you want to join our team for this Deusi Bhailo or invite us to your home please feel free to contact us.

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