Sano Sansar Initiative has recently reformed its structure focus making it easier for youth to get involved and community to be served better. The reformed structure will focus on our thematic priorities in preparing action plans and agendas.


Thematic Working Groups
Ecology and Climate Crisis

Ecology and Climate Crisis

Work to strengthen the ability of community for Environment protection and Conservation laws through action and awareness. Lobby government and empower youth to take responsible actions in solving Climate Crisis. Some events include, Afforestation campaign, Eco Poem/Song Competition.

Working Group Director: Sanjeev Bhandari

Disaster and Conflict

Disaster and Conflict

Collaborate with community for education on disaster risk reduction and support for post-disaster/conflict.

Working Group Director: Samaya Rijal

Education, Health and Governance

Education, Health and Governance

Prepare, monitor and organise awareness and training activities. Some projects include, Young Journalists Conference, Little Doctors, Kathmandu Debates, Talk Programs.

Working Group Director: President, Sagar Aryal

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Administrative Working Groups

Communications and Mobilization

Coordinate with members/participants, handle registrations, send newsletters and become the point of contact.

Email: [email protected]

Foreign Affairs

Coordinate with focal persons, advisors and international organisations.

Email: [email protected]

Media, Press and Social Media

Prepares resource for social media, press and outreach activities.

Email: [email protected]org

Database and Website

We handle data, analyze and monitor them, ensure web security and update content/s in the website.

Email: [email protected]