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Sanjeev Bhandari is an energetic, creative and a youth motivator who is also the current General Secretary of Sano Sansar Initiative. His major activities in the organisation are related with awareness among young people and encourage them to take part in conservation of environment. As SSI attempts to establish a educated culture associated with environment conservation and social welfare, Mr. Bhandari has been a major player to accomplish the common goal. Furthermore, Mr. Bhandari is working as a creative motivator for youth to unite the young people from various domains in order to bring a positive change for the conservation of nature and environment.Eco Song Competition

Mr. Bhandari has taken major responsibility to organise a wide range of programmers related to conservation of our natural recourses. For instances, recently he has successfully administered the Eco- song competition to mark the World Environment Day. In addition, several other awareness programmes has been led to successfully re-orient the thoughts and action of people towards protection of environment.

He has led campaigns to collaborate with various national and international organisations and organised the local and regional level campaigns in the community. Not only a campaigner, but Mr. Bhandari is has proved himself as an activist leading campaigns against deforestation and encouraging children and youth to plant trees. One of his recent initiation includes encouragement of cycling in his community and city.

Mr. Bhandari always emphasises that we should work together to eliminate poverty as it is the responsibility of mankind. He believes ìHeaven is the virtual feeling which can only be felt when you help someone poor and needy people all with your heartî. He has organized several community cultural programs to raise fund for street children and elderly people who have to stay in the street not only in the cold of winter but every single day. Mr. Bhandari has motivated and influenced young people to engage in social work.

Flash Mob at Basantapaur KathmanduBeginning a journey; to care about the global problems and acting to solve it, At a young age like this, we are really proud of him to have in our team. His performance clearly shows that he has great potentiality, creative knowledge and continuous determination to brings positive changes among the youth of Nepal to conserve our environment by our own initiatives.

We wish him all the Best!

To be in touch with him write to: sanjeev [at] sanosansar [dot] org

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