Sagar Aryal

Sagar Aryal, 17

In 2006 the establishment of Sano Sansar Initiative was initiated by Sagar in support with his family and friends. Since then he has been motivating children and youth with a aim to transform our society towards a sustainable society. As a founding president of this organisation completing the sixth year of foundation,  he has been associated in organizing different youth leadership programs and empowering children and youth through various workshops, seminars and debate forums on Environment, Health, Climate Change and Education For Sustainable Development related topics. He was 10 when this idea came to his mind to establish a platform for children itself, it was the inspiration “Children’s are Pillars for Future” and Aiming “Rights to Education for every single Children”, by which this initiation gradually flourished in the community with his encouragement and support of his colleagues and the Local community and Schools.

He believed and encouraged his colleagues to believe “Little things we do” can always create a greater change, It was with several books when the Readers’ Club in 2006 was initiated, and reached more than 4 thousand books in several weeks. With the success in collecting books, Sagar then, initiated to establish a library in a rural school of Humla district; which lies in the Northwest corner of Nepal and grew in other parts of the country too.

It was 2009 when Sano Sansar Initiative was three years old, a Readers Club then, organised Little Doctor’s Program in initiation of Sagar; where His Excellency President of Nepal Dr. Ram Baran Yadav invited us, all the children for inauguration, which was another achievement for us children.

Sagar Aryal addressing the Asia pacific Graduates' Youth Forum in 2012
Sagar Aryal presenting in the Asia Pacific TUNZA Conference 2012
Sagar Aryal, with HE president of Nepal, Dr. Ram Baran Yadav
Sagar Aryal on plantation with school students
Sagar Aryal in Young Agenda 2010, Norway

With continuous success due to collective efforts, Sagar organised dozens of workshops for High School Students on the global issues like Green Economy and Sustainable Development where he created a network among school students and encouraged them to join Sano Sansar. With the continuity of these workshops by Sagar, Sano Sansar Initiative was strong with around 800 student volunteers by the end of 2009.

After this Sano Sansar Initiative turned to be a platform where Sagar guided his friends to create ideas and work out in them to make those ideas happen,; It was Sagar’s effort to never miss a Childrens day neither the World Environment day, where he used to involve his friends in at least a encouraging competitions and award them, by which he was successful to get support from his friends to do all the actions.

Along side these activities was encouragement from his teachers which helped Sagar to maintain studies and the initiative. Sagar was Schooling in Laboratory Higher Secondary School when he got most of the ideas to lead children’s for a sustainable future. Right now he is an A Levels Student at Chelsea International Academy, Kathmandu.

Similarly, with his growing relations/networks  globally and continuous local actions Sagar got opportunity to join the International Children’s Conference on Environment organised by Young Agenda Foundation in 2010 at Norway. It helped him to share his ideas with similar minds globally and know more about the global issues and the international education systems. After he retuned joining this conference it was his school when he organised a sample World Café on the energy crisis issues, which was a complete new teaching learning process in his classroom. This was the year he was appearing the board examination of the 10th grade, and Sano Sansar Initiative turned 5 years old.

During the course of time, Sano Sansar Initiative became one of the 33 member of United Nations Global Compact in Nepal, and Sagar was appointed as one of the Steering Committee members of the United Nations Global Compact in Nepal, through which keeping commitments of the 10 principles of UN Global Compact his actions encouraged several business towards the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Recognising his actions for better Environment and vision of Sustainable Society, he was again invited to join the International Children and Youth Conference in Bandung Indonesia by the United Nations Environment programme along with 1400 other participants from the world in September 2011. This was another opportunity for Sagar to learn ideas and interact with other children and youth doing similar actions and know more about the RIO+20 process, Green Economy and Sustainable Lifestyles.  After returning back home, He then decided with his friends to make Sano Sansar Initiative a Children and Youth Platform along with a global network connecting similar actions of Children and Youths; with which today SSI has been connected in 12 countries.

Since April 2011 he was one of the 5 youths to team up to form National Youth Task Force for RIO+20, to create a national vibration on green Economy and RIO+20 process. Along with growing success of National Youth task Force, it then turned to become Asia Pacific Youth task Force on Rio+20 taking actions in the Asia Pacific Level. With these actions and ongoing success he was again invited to share his experience and learn more about Environmental issues of South Asia in the 7th South Asia Youth Environment network’s Regional Meet in january 2012 at Dhaka Bangladesh. During this regional Meet which was organised by SAYEN and UNEP, he was elected as National Youth Advisor of UNEP to Nepal. Then after a month, he along with other youth advisors and CEE India were the organisers of TUNZA Asia Pacific Children and Youth Conference in February 2012 at Ahmedabad, India.

Continuing his actions for a sustainable Future, and a better planet he was then elected to become president of Plant-For-The-Planet, which handles the then Billion tree Campaign of UNEP, and aims to plant 1,000 billion trees all over the world with support from 7 billion people until 2020 and demands the world’ leaders to come up with actions and leave fossil fuel on the ground and put poverty in the museum through climate justice by 2050. Plant-For-The-Planet is Children’s initiative which is working in 193 countries around the world.

Similarly Continuing his efforts he was again invited to the Asia Pacific Graduates’ Youth Forum on green Economy in September 2012 at Kathmandu, where he was the youngest participant; and with his active role was selected to represent Asia Pacific Youths along with 4 other participants to join the Conference of Parties, COP 18 in December 2012 at Doha Qatar.

Later in 2012, Sagar initiated Kathmandu Debates’ as a platform for high school students where they could come together and debate in the national and global issues. In this Journey, Sagar along with his team at Sano Sansar Initaitive became the first group in Nepal to introduce the Karl Popper Debating Format in public.

Sagar is a youth advocate, debator, community organizer, web developer and enthusiastic student of Foreign Policies, Economics Science, Technology, Spirituality and vedic philosophies.

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