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Which first: Education or work experience?

Many individuals complete their formal education before starting work, whereas some decide to pursue their education and work simultaneously or never enter into the education system at all. In my opinion, opting for higher education is more important than going for work experience during such an important stage in the lives of people.

Education has always fascinated mankind. It is a means for the higher status of human

beings over other living organisms on this planet. In fact, knowledge has made humans the winning species in their continuous struggle for the ìsurvival of the fittestî.

Education has been a basic need in human society since long along with security, food, shelter and clothes. Education is important for every individual to be successful in today’s world where competition is rife.

In the meantime, education moulds a child into a successful man. As it makes an individual competitive, education is the base for career development.

An educated person often gets a better job with an attractive salary providing him/her with an edge. Similarly, education is a medium for the acquisition of numerous life skills that prove to be useful. Moreover, education provides valuable qualities for the development of leadership abilities and analytical skills of learners. In any case, education can also be taken as an avenue for learning more in a limited time, whereas learning through experience is a lengthy process.

On the other hand, work experience can be more beneficial than formal education from different perspectives. While the main purpose of education is to make a person capable in understanding himself and preparing him to contribute to the positive development of his family, society, community and human race as a whole, practical learning is also effective in achieving this ultimate aim.

Also, a person understands things better and faster if s/he learns by doing them.People with hands-on experience can become more skilled than passive learners.

In the same way, when people acquire skills from work experience, they are directly involved in social activities, which sufficiently develops their confidence which is an asset by all accounts.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that there is no alternative to the priority for education over work experience as education is a basis for career progression, acquisition of life skills and the development of logical and critical abilities of an individual. Thus, education is a prerequisite for better and effective work experience.

Written By: KAILASH RAJ PANDEY Published on: 2012-04-02 |

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