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Team St. Xavier’s wins the Kathmandu Debates’ Tournament

Kathmandu Debates’ 2013, is a youth advocacy and leadership program organised in partnership with Nepal Debate Initiative and Leo Club of Kathmandu Central Town and support from American Embassy in Kathmandu. The event was organised by Sano Sansar Initiative from 18th of January until 7th of February. 16 teams of High Schools and Independent teams within age group 16-20 started a journey through a three day long Educational Tracks.

St. Xaviers and Nasa International with its participants (Rashtra Raj Bhandari, Anish Dhakal and Zhreya Zoshi), (Sanju Baral, Pratigya Poudel and Suman Pandey) respectively competed in the Finals of the tournament which was organised on the occasion of 7th Anniversary of Sano Sansar Initiative.

The motion for the finals was “THBT State should prioritise foreign investment to labor export as major economic strategy”.

Students from St. Xavier were able to grab the honour of CHAMPIONS of Kathmandu Debates’ 2013.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners from the Sano Sansar Initiative.

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Last Updated: March 07, 2013

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