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Call for Application WED Celebration 2013

Rally, awareness camping, plantation, etc have become regular taste in World Environment day. However there lies many children and youth who haven’t been able to express for the future they want. Keeping all this in mind we have come up with a conclusion of organizing an Environmental Song Competition on the occasion of WED 2013.

Everyday more than a hundred campaigns are organized, which lasts for just the day. Music, it is something, which will remain in the memory forever.

Music is strong bridge of communication of internal feeling to external action and vice versa. Hence, song competition would be a strong platform for spreading awareness, inspiration and encouragment from people of all ages.

We often listen to songs which carry message of love among two hearts / people; Now its time to act and love our mother nature.

With this message in heart we children and youth of Sano Sansar Initiative realized the necessity of proper and effective camping for better environment from urban to rural areas in Nepal and our working countries. We have a vision to succeed in our goal of creating a more sustainable society. This competition designed in context of Nepal, would be next effective steps in our activities history.

The concept is not a whole new one; we want people to take few minutes to think about our common future through the media they love the most: Song & Music

We target to include as much as schools and independent teams to participate. This program will be conducted in two round firstly selection round and then the grand finale scheduled for the World Environment Day.

Click Here Application Form WED to download the Application Form.

If you have any queries, write us at: [email protected]

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