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Call For Volunteers : Eco Song Competition 2013

Sano Sansar Initiative Calls Interested High School Students from Kathmandu Valley to contribute your time; share and learn new ideas in the Environmental Song Competition (aka: Eco Song Competition) on the occasion of World Environment Day 2013. We are currently looking for self-disciplined and motivated individuals for our event.

The organizing Committee will be selecting around 15 individuals in total for the whole Competition. The Committee will employ multiple criteria for selection.

Job title: Volunteers for Environmental Song Competition.

Application Deadline: 24 May 2013

Important notice :

The volunteers must:
-Help in the preparation process of the Environmental Song Competition
-Participate in the training of volunteers.
-Comply with the code of conduct designed for the Song Competition.
-Respect all deadlines and submit all required materials for the Initiative on time.
-There is no any basis of per-reservations; [We are youth led initiative; we’re Sorry; we do not entertain forceful recommendations] -Total selected number may be less or more than mentioned; depending on the basis of the capacity of support a volunteer can afford.
-Volunteers may be disqualified from participation at the Debates’ if they do not fulfill their duties and responsibilities.

Volunteers Benefits:

-We will felicitate contributors with a recommendation Certificate about your work in Environmental Song Competition 2013.
-We will give the selected volunteers the opportunity to develop their training and debating skills.

Interested Students Can submit an Application writing to: [email protected] along with your resume/CV.

If you have any confusions, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,


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