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Call For Applications : Sano Sansar Initiative Board


On the seventh years of foundation, Sano Sansar Initiative, moving forward with our democratic structure to keep the zeal of our motto “Children and Youth For Environment and Sustainable Lifestyles”, We would like to invite active our member, children and youth to lead the (2014/15) board of Sano Sansar Initiative.

The 2014/15 Board of Sano Sansar will be structured as following:

President (1), Vice President (1), Global Board Members (5), National Board Members, Focal Person(Member Country), SSI Youth Advisors (4)

Who can Apply?

Children and Youth (age group: 10 to 25) with interest in Sustainable Development, Education, Gender Equity, Human Rights, Environment and Culture, from any nation can apply to be a board member of Sano Sansar Initiative. The Board will consist of 30 – 40% Children members.


How to apply for the Board:
[upme_private] – Prepare your Action Plans and fill online form below by September 25 2013.


? President and vice president will be elected later, to apply for that, you first need to be in the board.
For Details Please write us at: [email protected]


! Sano Sansar Initiative reserves the right to create a board which will contain either more or less than specified number of positions, if required.

Last Updated: Sep 10. 2013

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