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Chale-Chalo, An Incredible Tour of Himalayas…

New Year 2014, is knocking the doors. Drums of hullabaloo have began blowing. Celebrations are on cards .But before you design your plans, let me ask a few questions…

Are you done with superficial New Year celebrations?
Do you want this New Year to be different?
Do you want celebrations to be meaningful as well as fun?
Do you want your smiles to bring smile on others lips?
Do you want to transcend Happiness?


Come Uttarakhand, in CHALE-CHALO this New Year and have an unconventional, unique and a memorable new year 2014. Explore the untamed vistas of Himalayas ,trek the least travelled paths ,capture the mesmerizing mountains ,get hypnotized by the wilderness ,happen to be acquainted with the native culture and tradition ,experience the inspiring life-toils, taste local cuisine, enjoy local music and get humoured by anecdotes .

“Chale-Chalo” event , organised by I for Nation Foundation, is focused on developing eco-tourism in Uttarakhand Himalayas.
It aims to promote as well as support eco-tourism as a Livelihood generation activity for the people of Uttarakhand Himalayas and expose participants to inspiring mountain life and serene Himalayan harmony.

Chale-Chalo with theme of NEW DAWNS, NEW HOPES, brings you an opportunity to wel-come the new year 2014 like never before and makes sure that your joys bring smile to many others too.
The tour event takes two groups of people and caters them an unforgettable encounter with the Nature.

Seats are limited so HURRY and register…

For registration please click-

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