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Invitation to attend Plant for The Planet Youth Summit

Plant for the Planet, is inviting children and youth involved for the environment conservation and climate justice to attend its Youth Summit at Germany in May 2015.

During our Youth Summit, we will be developing a proposal for solutions to ensure our survival and want to send the following message to the world’s leaders, who will be meeting a few days later at the G7-Summit and Bilderberg Conference, both of which are just 40 miles away from our Youth Summit: ìThose of us alive today, both the older generation in Elmau and Telfs and the younger of us in Tutzing, represent the first and the last generations capable of solving the climate crisis. Never before has a generation faced such a major challenge. Together we can make the difference! Let’s tackle together that historical challenge by achieving sustainability together with freedom and human rights! Let’s start implementing the solutions for our survival!

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