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Apply for the South Asia Youth Leadership Summit in India

Young Reporters for the Environment – India, supported by the U. S Department of State, Earth Day Network and Federation for Environmental Education is a contest for Young South Asians to report on issues of cleanliness and waste management. YRE – India is part of the Climate Education Week celebrations by the Earth Day Network. The finalists from the YRE – India contest will then be asked to propose action projects in their college and community that they will undertake over the next 3 months to raise awareness about Climate Change, its impacts and how to combat it, through innovative and creative action oriented awareness drives. This stage will also be open for participants from across South Asia and winners from this stage (28 from India and 10 from South Asia) will get an opportunity to represent their states and countries at the South Asia Youth Leadership Summit to be organized in New Delhi in August, 2015.

Supporting our Prime Minister’s vision of a clean India, SAYEN, Paryavaran Mitra and CEE have launched the I am Swachh, I am Swasthh Campaign from 14th November, 2014 and that is also the theme for the YRE India contest. Young participants are invited to submit reports on the theme of ëI am Swachh, I am Swasthh’. Winners from all 3 reporting categories will stand to win a chance to participate in the summit and get certificates from SAYEN.

Objectives: Investigate, Propose Solutions, Report
1. Investigate a local sanitation related problem or issue:

  • Identify, define and communicate a local cleanliness related environmental problem and/or issue
  • Investigate (look up, compare, interpret, evaluate) relevant information from primary and secondary sources
  • Identify key individuals and groups and find out what their different perspectives on the issue are, their approaches to resolving it and their assumptions and goals
  • Conduct original research, such as surveys/questionnaires, and interview key individuals or groups to obtain first-hand information
  • Cover relevant historical, economic, social and/or political implications and possible consequences of the problem or issue
  • Link the local cleanliness related environmental problem and/or issue to the bigger global picture (problem)

2. Propose solutions to a local cleanliness related environmental problem or issue:

  • Identify possible solution or solutions to the problem and/or issue and evaluate its likely effectiveness, giving reasons for and against (pros and cons)
  • Develop and propose a solution and justify it

3. Report on a local cleanliness related environmental issue and its possible solution through a story targeting a local audience:

  • Identify your target audience and choose the best way to reach and communicate with them, i.e. which media do they read/watch/listen to?
  • Plan how you will report on the problem and/or issue (who need to be informed? how? when?) and use the appropriate journalistic format and style
  • Create an article, photograph, photographic essay of up to 12 photographs, or video that documents the environmental problem and/or issue; where possible you should suggest a solution
  • Take a positive approach to inspiring change and finding a solution

Contest Categories:

ëI am swachh, I am swasthh Selfie’

Click a Selfie/Humfie/Groupfie which best justifies the philosophy of ëI am swachh, I am swasthh’. It could be a selfie with:

  • You in front of garbage in your locality/site which needs cleaning
  • People participating in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, using a broom to clean their house/school/office/institute.
  • Volunteers spreading awareness about cleanliness.
  • Before and after selfies with cleaned up spot.
  • Selfie with municipal sweeper, etc. on job, cleaning your city

These are just a few examples, you can innovate with other selfies and share them with us along with a 50 word description of why you took that selfie.

The reports can be in any of the 3 formats below. The focus of the reports has to be on one of the following:
Problem: This report should be about a cleanliness related environmental issue near you. It could be something you see on your way to college everyday, or an issue in the locality you live in. Remember to investigate the root cause of the issue and make the report objectively.
Solution: This report should be about a solution to a cleanliness related environmental problem by the local community or an initiative which has had a positive environmental impact. Remember that the initiative reported should be motivational, so that the reader may be motivated to do something similar or join the initiative.

A 500 word story.

Sound Note or video report

You also have the option of submitting a sound note or a video report. The sound note should not exceed 1 minute and video should not exceed 3 minutes in duration.

Rules and Regulations

We intend to keep it simple and therefore there are no lengthy rules and regulations other than the fact that all reporting formats should adhere to the word limit or durations mentioned in each category. All submissions should be written or produced by you and not copied off the internet, any submissions failing to do so will be immediately disqualified.
You can submit your reports by sending them as attachments to [email protected], with YRE_India in the subject line. Share your contact details as follows in the mail:

E-mail Address:
Mobile No.:

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