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Call for Applications – Environmental Poem Competition

Rally, awareness camping, plantation, etc. have become a regular action for awareness of Environment and Climate Change. However, there are still many children and youths who haven’t been able to express their views about the future they want. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to organise Environmental Poetry Competition.

Everyday, more than a hundred campaigns are organised, which lasts for just the day. Poems; it is an art which will remain.

Poems are a strong bridge of communication of internal feeling to external action and vice versa. Hence, Poem competition would be a strong platform for spreading awareness, inspiration and encouragement from people of all ages.

We often create and listen poems which carry a message of love among two hearts/people; now it’s time to act and love our mother nature.

With this message in heart, I realised the necessity of proper and effective camping for a better environment from urban to rural areas in Nepal and our working countries. We have vision to succeed in our goal of creating a more sustainable society. This competition designed in a context of South Asian countries will be another effective step in our organisational history.

The concept is not a whole new one; we want people to take few minutes to think about our common future through the media they love the most: Poem

All the poems will be broadcasted in Social Websites and top 3 will be published in an online newspaper as well.

(Top 50 Poems will be combined to form a book.) proposed plan

Note: poems must be in English

Winners will be announced with influence from number of likes in facebook (70%) + judges (30%).

Deadline: August 01, 2015

Contact Sudeep with any questions at [email protected] Or call +91 9618560454 (Sudeep) / +977 9841433224 (Sagar) / +977 9851198750 (Sanjay)

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