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Call For Applications – Young Environmentalist

Young Environmentalist is a three-day long conference for 60 energetic and dynamic youths organized to provide comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the environment, change in climate and in particular, its impact to the Nepalese youths. The conference is designed to provide the participants information regarding the actions of the Nepal government, different NGOs/INGOs and representatives of embassies to enable the participants to come up with their own change projects and action plans to solve climate crisis through local level.

The conference will commence from 29th January 2016 to 31st January 2016, each day for 4 hours from 11 AM. to 3 PM.

Attractions / Opportunities / Benefits

  • Best participant/s will get an opportunity to attend ICIMOD’s Asia-Pacific Youth Forum 2016 (APYF2016).
  • We will fund a participant with the best change project /idea to complete it.
  • The most interactive team will get an opportunity to lead an environment-related project of Sano Sansar Initiative.
  • Participants will get to know about the opportunities available for youths in our supporting organizations
  • Some participants will get an opportunity to join Sano Sansar Initiative for an internship.
  • Gain knowledge about COP21 and other major environment conferences from the people who attended them.
  • Get an in-depth knowledge of climate change and its impact on a developing country like Nepal.
  • All the materials necessary for the conference will be provided by Sano Sansar Initiative.
  • Get an in-depth knowledge of climate change and its impact on a developing country like Nepal.
  • Access to information about the activities of the government, different NGOs/INGOs and different embassies from their own representatives.
  • Be a part of youth networks to deal with different environmental issues.
  • A platform to create a relation with different NGOs/INGOs working for the environment.


The registration fee is NPR 1000 to be paid after the selection to join the conference.


  • Youths aged 25 or below can apply
  • Student of environment/agriculture/forestry or a self-recognised environment/ climate activist.
  • We expect that the applicant is innovative, interactive and have a passion to creating a change in the world.


Registration form for Young Environmentalist is now open and will be closed on 26th January 2016, 11:59 NPT.

In case of confusion please mail us at: [email protected]

Please fill out the form below, if you are interested to join the conference.

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