Mr. Aryal is the Founder of Sano Sansar Initiative. Troubled by the melting Himalayas and the illiteracy in Nepal, he came up with an idea to start a Readers’ Club in 2006. At his age of 10, with cooperation from his family and friends, he collected over three thousand books in a couple of weeks. Sano Sansar Readers’ Club was not merely a study centre, soon it became a discussion forum. Every Saturday we had discussions on national and global issues those including governance, global warming and Education.

… this is how his story began.

Today, his inspiration and guidance presents us as a network of children and youth.

Current Involvements
Plant For The Planet

Plant For The Planet

Program Coordinator
Former President

UN Environment Program

UN Environment Program

TUNZA Youth Advisor

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Readers' Club

Little Doctors

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