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Application for Online Essay Competition 2015

Over the course of history, Nepal has faced economic blockades from its southern neighbor many times; it has happened again and it will not be a surprise if it happens in the future. The current economic blockade has caused an energy crisis in Nepal. Lack of fuel and the disastrous earthquake early in the year, which damaged many hydroelectricity projects has affected the daily lives of the people and the whole economy in an unprecedented amount. We can blame the government for not being better prepared and being totally dependent upon our neighbor but we, the people are also at fault.

So, Sano Sansar Initiative is organizing an online essay competition based on the issue of energy crisis and its short/long term solutions. “Write For Energy” will be the theme of the this year’s annual online essay competition, which will commence from 4th December 2015 to 25th December 2015.
The participants can choose their own title, and write in either Nepali or English script not exceeding 1500 words. The winners will be announced in the first half of January, 2016. The best essays will be given national exposure and the best ideas will be given to the government. Furthermore, the winners will be rewarded with a cash prize along with other honors.
We believe this will be a great platform for people of all ages, living anywhere around the world to not only express their views on the current situation of Nepal but also give their own ideas to solve these issues in the long run.
For further information.
Contact: Binesh (+977 9860110109), Prabin(+977 9849301567), Sanjeev(+977 9849619579)
Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

To submit your essay, fill the form and follow the instructions!!!

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