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ª Sano Sansar Initiative is a Children and youth’s organization so, only children and youths (age 7-25) will be provided the membership, Anyone above age 25 will be considered as Supporter.

ªThere is no any cost for online membership of Sano Sansar Initiative.

ªAll the members are required to upload their recent photograph in the Registration Form.

ªSano Sansar Initiative is a Platform for Children and Youths so, All the ideas of members shall be respected.

ªSano Sansar Initiative supports Human Rights and work on Education, Environment Protection and Health Safety, Education for Sustainable Development. The interest of applicant in any above field is an advantage, However a member can create a field of interest him/herself.

ªSano Sansar Initiative is a local stakeholder of UN Global Compact and follows the 10 principles, we request all our members to respect those ten principles.

ªIn case possible we request members to submit at least one article about any participated/organised event or global issues per month to publish on our website/ e-magazine. If you are under 13 please ask you parent/s to provide a letter of authorisation to publish those article.


Note: We respect privacy. we won’t share your email or any other contact details to any other third-party-organisations; Although you will receive our e-newsletters. In case we need to provide your details, we will be requesting your approval first.

Click Here to go to the Membership Application Form.


Thank You,

Sagar Aryal

President and Founder

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