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American Embassy in Kathmandu supported Sano Sansar Initiative to organize Kathmandu Debates 2013.

Kathmandu Debates Series is a youth leadership program to encourage high school students to participate in open dialogue culture to resolve issues and to provide a platform for high school students where they can come together and share ideas and opinions in various topics. And debate in this context is the best way to learn and teach on how each of us can come together and share what we have to say. 16 teams of age groups 15-20 representing individual groups and high schools from Kathmandu Valley participated the tournament. The debates was started on January 18 with a three-day long Educational Tracks in which participants were trained on various topics, including debating format, case construction, cross examinations, and ideal way of debating.

Winners of Kathmandu Debates' 2013
Winners of Kathmandu Debates’ 2013

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