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Filming “Child of Nature” in Nepal

“Child of Nature” is a documentary shot over 20 different countries about kids working for global change covering unique stories. In every corner of the world, children and youths are taking responsibility of caring the planet with the initiative of love, spirituality, art, creativity, activism, social and environmental engagements. Nepal was also one of the country and team of actors were to act as young journalist exploring issues related to children victims of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and helping them. The documentary was shot from 4th to 8th October by Brazilian filmmaker Marcos Negrao and Gustavo Millet who run the studio Enigma films. The media partner of the documentary is Discovery channel.

The actors selected for the documentary were Sandhya Mishra, Samikshya Dhimal, Milan Khanal, Himal Parajuli and Divya Bhattarai. The very first day of the shoot started with the introduction of crew members i.e photographers of the documentary with the young journalists and the presentation of the main theme of the film by Marcos Negrao. A discussion was held about appropriate location and how the documentary will be shot for four consecutive days. The team decided to head towards Bhaktapur’s Om Secondary School .The crew travelled on the rooftop of a bus due to the lack of adequate vehicles caused by ongoing fuel crisis. One of the young journalist Samikshya had previously taken volunteering classes at the school just after the earthquake. This visit was meant to be shot as a follow-up. The school authorities readily granted permission. The kids were very happy seeing the crew with cameras; crew took photographs with kids and kids took autographs of the young journalists. Recording was done in classes of grade 10 and 7 where young journalists talked to the kids about earthquake listened to their stories and added their personal experiences even informed them with all safety measures during earthquake.

The young journalists also talked with principal Mrs. Sanu Ghimire and she said that volunteering classes by the team proved to be a success to get the kids back to their normal lives and they weren’t scared anymore. Second day’s shooting was done in Basantapur. The first sequence was upon damaged lord Shiva temple’s ruin and the young journalists discussed on how they could bring immediate help and support to the victimized kids and people’s all around. Secondly there was individual sequence by the journalists around Kalbhairav’s statue. The crew also visited Nava Adarsha Secondary School which was carried out in the tent till fifth grade. The young journalists talked to the students and asked their personal experiences of the earthquake and tried to boost their mentality regarding earthquake. The grade 1 and 2 was held in same tent without a bar and grades 3,4 and 5 were held on same tent with bars. The teachers even said that the number of students had decreased to one third District education office hadn’t permitted to carryout classes in second floor as that floor of the school was declared unfit and was given a red sticker by investigation team of earthquake. The crew headed to Chhretapati, on way back there was open space where few tents were located. A short interview was taken with boy named Samundra; he said that they were living in hard situation in the tent, in scorching sun the tent would heat up and in the rains the sound would disturb a lot. The victims were in immediate need as it had been months after the earthquake but still they were living in a harsh situation. Third-day whole shooting was performed in hotel Ganesh Himal. A discussion was held on how the team could help the school kids and facebook page Child of Nature –Nepal Unit was created .The whole process was being filmed.

Fourth-day team along with other youths carried out banner demonstration in Nava Adarsha Secondary School so that people would be aware about not disturbing the kids and not smoking around. The crew distributed sweets to the kids in tent. The tent according to the teacher was unbearably hot in May and in rainy season it was unable to hold the rain. The crew had a hard time staying in whereas the teacher and kids considered it cool to the previous situations. At the end of the day, a radio program being held by the young journalists was filmed. The young journalists signed permission letters so that the videos and photos could be used in the film. The crew had lot of fun during shoot and this was wonderful experience to the young journalists. The actors gave the photographers t-shirt inscribed Kathmandu Nepal which they liked so much. The young journalists planned to continue the good work through the facebook page Child of Nature–Nepal Unit. The documentary will be released soon worldwide.

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