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Problem !

Lack of educational materials has been a barrier in the educational and learning for students of rural villages in Nepal. This has deprived the children like us from enjoying their basic rights of education. It has also demoralised the creative minds of the country creating an obstacle to the increase in the competency of the country with the outer world. Which has adversely affected the prosperity of the future of our country because the production of skilled human resources is decreasing with the passage of time.

Vision of this Campaign:

The vision of our educational resource centre includes creating a collection of a wide variety of textbooks, reference books and digital media like computers; and for students with special special abilities, we have planned to manage audio books, books in Braille, etc; including literature, philosophy, arts and other subjects. The educational resource centres will offer exemplary library services to all our students, skilful and engaging instruction on information research skills with strong and continuous support from our seniors, guardians, teachers, users, students and friends. The target is to gain a local reputation for excellence in librarianship and a library service managed by the students themselves and supported by other colleagues.

So, What we are about to do?

The establishment of our educational resource centre is committed to meet the needs of the students of rural villages in our country providing a platform for vocational and holistic education. We expect to inspire different educational investors and concerned stakeholders to uplift the education standard of students living in rural villages of the country. We expect our resource centres to help students in fostering a love towards books which will obviously help in their learning process. Our mission is to collect more than 2000 books on different subjects in the beginning and to expand this program to in different villages in the country.

How can you support us?

– provide donations

-send used /refurbished Computers or digital medias that would help to make a perfect resource centre.

-Share in your Network

-Send any kind of Books/ resources, newsletters that would be helpful in a resource centre

For details to provide donations please visit Support Us page

For more information, please be in touch with program coordinator of this campaign Sudeep Ghimire.

Kailash Raj Pandey was coodinating this specific project before Mid 2013 and He is now woking as a Board Member.

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