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We are seeking supports to educate students who are in difficult even to continue government school education. To heal them, Public private partnership program, Partnership In Education (PIE) could be the solution to serve the people in suffer. So we are developing the agenda and making debates on Education for All. In Nepal Most of the children from poor and rural or vulnerable communities are still out reach of Higher Education. Those who got opportunity are mostly from Elite families. Most of the girls from poor families are married Before completing their high School. How can we support them? We can guide such students providing extra coaching and Tuition service and awareness in the community to make them Happy Healthy and Success. We have Stationary Support Programs and Awareness programs for them done till now.
The next project under this campaign is Reading Room Support Program. We collect books, journals, magazines, etc. with support from our members and volunteers and distribute them to Schools and Communities in rural areas who are eager to establish a reading room/ library and take care of it we started this project by Supporting Shree Mahabauddha Lower Secondary School, Yalwang, Humla, Nepal on 2008.

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