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Congratulations to Winners of Kathmandu Debates’ 2013, and Thank you Everyone for supporting to make this event a success. Sano Sansar Initiative will come up with other innovative ideas in our debating program.


Debating is a powerful means of encouraging critical-thinking, personal experiences and tolerance for the opinions of others. We believe that debate as an educational tool is valuable in addressing the issues of National and global interests and how our citizen should deal with it. The process of Debating is dynamic, fluid and changing. Everyday brings new ideas and arguments. Debate calls to task simplistic public dialogues and foments a kind of global critical issues.

We believe that debate is a valuable education tool not only because repeated studies have shown that it improves critical thinking academic achievements and public speaking but also because it encourages the desire to engage in social and political issues from an informed and rational position. And we believe, skill acquired from most basic debate training are important if not essential for a valuable contribution to any part of a person’s professional, social and personal development.


Kathmandu Debates is a youth initiative focusing on the young people and their communities. The ultimate goal of Kathmandu Debates is to provide a platform to the youths where they can come together and share their ideas and opinions. And debate in this context is the best way on how each of us can come together and share what we have to say. And with this goal in mind, the Kathmandu Debates was formed.



Date: December 2012 – January 2013
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Venue: To be decided
Theme: To be decided
Language: English
Activities: Educational Tracks, Debate Competition and Cultural Activities
Target Group: Youths and High School Debaters
Registration: Late November


The 2013 Kathmandu Debates will be opened to 96 participants; comprising of 32 teams with 3 members each along with a debate coach. Approval from the applicants High school is a requirement for the entry.

Interested to Support this Program write us: [email protected]

This page will no longer be updated. visit Event’s official page for more details!

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