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This workshop based program helps the students to determine the present situation of Environment, and How can Education For Sustainable Development (ESD) be practiced in classrooms. Depending on the Selection Type, This program is divided to 2 parts i.e For Grade 7-10 and For Grade 11-12; which consists of 10 sessions. Students will be able to find the mitigating measures for the current threats to Environment, Learn about the Efficient use of Energy, Importance of Wetlands and Forests. Species Depletion and Finally make a action plan to overcome this problem implementing the concepts of Education for Sustainable Development for the Long Term Sustainability. This is volunteer based workshop program for schools, Any school willing to adopt these workshops are requested to write to [email protected] or Contact President Mr. Sagar Aryal. Contributions for this program of Sano Sansar Initiative can be self-decided; which will be a part of Sano Sansar Initiative’s Trust.

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