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Centre for Environment Education in partnership with UNEP TUNZA and Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF), Government of India organized a three day conference from 6th to 8th February, 2012 in Ahmedabad, India. 125 children and youth from 11 countries of the Asia-Pacific Region gathered together to learn about issues and initiatives for sustainable lifestyles for a green economy and show their commitment through action projects to be implemented by them.

The Ahmedabad TUNZA Declaration

The conference provided youth and children, a platform to share their perspectives and also understand decision-making processes by participating in a MOCK UN Session at the conference. The participants at the conference worked together to develop a draft charter/declaration of recommendations and named it the Ahmedabad TUNZA Declaration. The final declaration will go as inputs to the Rio+20 conference as a charter of recommendations from the children and youth of the Asia-Pacific region. Click Here to view the Declaration.

President Sagar Aryal was one of the member of the Organising team as the National Youth Advisor of UNEP in Nepal.


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