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Debate Fest 2012 was a Youth encouragement program to inspire high school students to develop a positive attitude towards debating; which is based on three major factors – Personality, Confidence and Charisma. With a vision to bring the World School Debating Championship (WSDC) format in the public, students of Chelsea International organized Debate Fest 2012 (a debate competition of high school students) from 24th to 26th of February 2012, in partnership with Nepal Debate Initiative (NDI) and support from US Embassy of Kathmandu, Sano Sansar Nepal and Alfa Beta. The theme for the entire Debate Fest was Migration. With sub topics, following migrant workers, labour rights, security and remittance. The WSDC format aims to guide students to an interactive form of debating rather than the monotonous format, which has been followed so far. It is a fresh take on debate, which takes us away from the most conventional form of debate with which we are familiar.

Workshop/ Training on WSDC and Debating Skills

Debate Fest: 18th and 19th February 2012

A two day-workshop was held at Chelsea International Academy from 10 am to 4 pm and was attended by participating teams. Trainers from Nepal Debate Initiative (NDI) a partner of the event facilitated the training program. The participating teams were given a brief introduction to World School Debating (WSDC) format and further information on the rules of debating and the judging criteria. The trainers worked out to help participants on their debating skills and tackled the main debating ideas and procedures. On the 2nd Day of the Workshop participants were then given a topic for several practice debate sessions. Participants received individual comments and suggestions based on their performance in the practice debates from the facilitators. As the trainers assessed the participants’ understanding, they explained the role of each speaker in a team. The workshop ended on a happy note for all the participants as they all had a chance to learn a new thing or two.


Debate Fest: 24th and 25th February 2012
The Inauguration of the Debate Fest was held at Chelsea International Academy, Kathmandu. Participating teams were divided into two groups with 5 and 4 teams on each respectively. Debate among the participating teams was simultaneous till 3pm divided in 4 sessions. Facilitators and Representatives from Nepal Debate Initiative who received from the IDEA judged the debates. Participants from Saipal Academy and Rato Bangala Entered the Semi Finals from Group A and Chelsea International Academy and NASA International from Group B. Out of these Rato Bangala from Group A and Chelsea International From Group B were Successful to go in the finals.


Debate Fest: 26th February 2012
The Closing Ceremony of the Event was held at Alfa House, Buddhanagar, Kathmandu from 11 AM. The Final Debate was held between Rato Bangala and Chelsea International Academy. The motion for the Final Debate was ìDependency upon the remittance is harmful for the nationî. Participants from Rato Bangala: Mr. Abhigya Maskay, Ms. Apekshya Prasai and Ms. Samikshya Siwakoti, were able to WIN the Competition. Whereas Chelsea International Academy with participants: Mr. Bijay Sapkota, Mr. Binam Ghimire, and Ms. Rythm Upreti were the Runner Up of the Event. The Best Five Speaker of the Competition was awarded to Ms. Kelly Tandan of Saipal Academy, Ms. Apekshya Prasai of Rato Bangala, Mr. Saurav Bhatt of Nobel Academy on behalf of Smart Club, Ms. Rhythm Upreti of Chelsea International Academy and Ms. Priyanka Sharma of GEMS Institute of Higher Education. The Closing Ceremony ended with thanks giving speech to all partners, supporters, and sponsors of the event by Program Coordinator Mr. Sagar Aryal.

Thanks to all Supporters, Partners, Sponsors, Participants, Schools, and Volunteers for Making this event a grand Success. Looking forward for you support in coming days too.

Sagar Aryal (Program Coordinator) and Gunjan Ghimire (Media Coordinator) on Behalf of Debate Fest Organizing Committee

For More Details Please write to [email protected] or Call Sagar Aryal at +977 9841433224

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