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Sano Sansar Initiative has been involving Children and Youths in creating global vibrations on Green Economy as its major program on 2012 and its practices along with the inputs in the Draft of Outcome Document The Future We Want.

Sagar Aryal, 17 was a core member of Asia Pacific Youth task Force on RIO+20 since April 2011.

Kehkashan Basu, 12 was the youngest International Delegate to join RIO +20.

Similarly Our Partner organization were also involved in the RIO+20 process or in the Road to RIO through several youth based programs in different countries and in the policy level too.

Although the Outcome document of RIO+20 disappointed many people including us; we believe RIO did not end the opportunity for a sustainable planet,We expect our leaders will realise in some more time so, we are continuing our actions beyond RIO too!

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